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The rate and increase of endangered species is frightening. Primarily ecosystem interference is due to human related impacts and the presence of non-native species are the core issue.

To conserve biodiversity in confined areas or islands inhabited by feral ungulate populations, land managers may need to implement eradication programs to protect endemic species. However, eradication projects in general tend to have a high risk of failure for a variety of reasons. Trap and Trigger has injected services into many eradication projects all successful to date.

Guideline to successful eradication

The criteria to achieve animal eradication:

  • A complete and permanent removal of an entire species from a defined area by a time limited campaign
  • The rate of removal should not be exceeded by rate of increase at all population densities
  • The risk of animal education shall be minimised at all costs, all reproductive animals are to be at risk
  • A suitable socio-political environment is needed
  • The benefit cost analysis favours eradication over control.
hunting and guiding new zealand trap and trigger

Knock down, Eradicate then Monitor

hunting and guiding new zealand trap and trigger
We analyse the topography, vegetation, and wariness of the target species then adopt multiple methods to implement 100% detection and risk to the population. Three phases of hunting efforts (Knock Down, Eradicate then Monitor) systematically applied to reach the desired result. Our methods are trailed and tested by key staff for over 40 years. We can comfortably tackle some of the world’s most complex eradication. Keeping the target species naive to removal techniques throughout the project is vital. The greatest threat to success is creating an educated population skilled in avoiding hunters.

The following techniques are commonly used in modern ungulate eradication operations.

• DNA sampling/analysis
• Thermal Infrared surveying/monitoring
• Judas collar home range analysis
• Bait stations and traps
• Ground team hunting and aerial hunting


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trap and trigger hunting guide, pest control, thermal technologies, animal eradication
trap and trigger hunting guide, pest control, thermal technologies, animal eradication

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Would highly recommend. Broke leg in a couple of places early in the year but they were able to sort a hunt for me that was not to hard on it. Good time even with getting the truck stuck. Benjamin Devery-thomas

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I’ve hunted in New Zealand five times now and my only regret is that I hadn’t crossed paths with Jordan Munn sooner. A mate and I had an amazing chamois hunt. Great times, amazing scenery and experiences. Most of all lots of laughs and great company. Jordan is hardworking, organised and always positive. We came as clients but left as friends. I’m looking forward to great hunts and fun times ahead.

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