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Trap and Trigger are pest control experts, we are happy to consider any job.

Our history on Vector control, Conservation based pest control and game management has opened our skill set to tackle any task. We have completed over 100 pest control operations and our beneficial legacy will be long lasting on the biodiversity, farm or TB management systems in New Zealand. We work in both urban and remote backcountry environments and adapt our approach to better suit the specific operation.

Our staff are experienced and specially trained with Sparrow Hawk fire arms certificates, NZQA Certificates in pest control and all other appropriate licenses. Our task abilities involve animal trapping, poisoning, aerial hunting, Weed/Vegetation control, marksmanship and dog handling. We are more than happy to take your goals with a passionate drive to succeed. We not only preform the removal task but we also train clients to undertake the task to further maintain density control of the target species efficiently.

Trap and Trigger’s Methods of Pest Control


Traps are an extremely effective method to knock down to or maintain invasive wildlife at low densities. Pig traps have been used on several large-scale operations and successfully remove up to 85% of the population. The corral trap design has evolved from multiple large scale international pig operations and is a preferred method of use by Land Care Research NZ. We have pig traps available for lease or permanent set up and sale.

We use modern leg hold traps to control local or back country possum numbers. In areas, sensitive to native wildlife or farm stock, we can raise the trap to remove the likelihood of non-target captures. After 7 years of possum control operations, our trapping efficiency is very economical and effective.

trapping pest control, trap and trigger pest control services

Aerial Hunting

Aerial hunting is better suited for larger areas of extremely high wildlife densities. With the added use of thermal imaging, no topography is too harsh or vegetation too dense for aerial hunting. We can work up to 10,000 ha per day and have the right tools for population surveys, judas tracking, live capture and removal.

aerial hunting pest control, trap and trigger pest control services

Vegetation control

Our vegetation services consist of pest plant removal, Track cutting, Tree and windfall removal. With fully qualified chainsaw operators and well maintained equipment we can comfortably tackle the task. No tree is too hard for us with machine assist, cherry picker or qualified arborist, we can do the job.

Vegetation Control, trap and trigger nz vegetation control

Ground Hunting

Trap and Triggers specialty service is a ground hunting team with task specific dogs. We have applied our ground hunting services to over 50 professional hunting operations with over four thousand hours’ experience behind a dog and rifle.

Our professional approach is humane and meets all the specifications of the animal welfare act. We have three dog methods available and apply the right method to suit the task. Weather its and urban dwelling deer, a fence jumping goat or a paddock destroying pig, we will find it and we will remove it.

ground hunting pest control, trap and trigger pest control services


As approved handlers with current control substance licences, we are legally able to store, use or dispose of poisons in the pest control industry. Applied by bait stations, hand laid or bagged and stapled, we find poisons to have great effect with little livestock or pet disturbance. Poisons can be used for short term or long term predator control solutions. 

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trap and trigger hunting guide, pest control, thermal technologies, animal eradication
trap and trigger hunting guide, pest control, thermal technologies, animal eradication

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Would highly recommend. Broke leg in a couple of places early in the year but they were able to sort a hunt for me that was not to hard on it. 

Benjamin Devery-thomas

5 Star Facebook Review –  Thanks again Jordan Munn for a great experience in a part of the world which few get the chance to venture. Good humour , hard going and friendships never to be forgotten!

Perry G Ward

I’ve hunted in New Zealand five times now and my only regret is that I hadn’t crossed paths with Jordan Munn sooner. A mate and I had an amazing chamois hunt. Great times, amazing scenery and experiences. Most of all lots of laughs and great company. Jordan is hardworking, organised and always positive. We came as clients but left as friends. I’m looking forward to great hunts and fun times ahead.

Troy Crittle

5 Star Facebook Reviewjack Kreppelt

5 Star Facebook Review

Graeme Lande

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