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Advanced Thermal Detection Technology

Trap and Trigger aim to be the industry leader in thermal technology field applications

To become an industry leader, we have invested in the highest quality handheld FLIR unit available. Our highest quality camera has a 1,024 x 768-pixel resolution and sensor array, a thermal resolution of less than 0.03°C. With quick changeable lenses, we can change the field of view and the pixel density in a matter of seconds. Other features include an 8 Megapixel camera, laser rangefinder and GPS. Still images and video sequences can be recorded and stored internally. Made in Germany with state of the art software, detectors and resolutions our thermal technology has raised the bar for ungulate detection.

Our infrared technology is trading in most fields of application that infrared thermography offers. Our range of services are diverse and adaptive, yet specialise in animal detection and surveying Our FLIR device is rugged, has been tested extensively and is conceived for continuous industrial use. Modern interface concepts allow for reliable camera control, data acquisition and online data evaluation, even over long distances. This makes thermography ideal for automatic slag detection, early fire detection or for inspections of solar cells and photovoltaic modules.

Trap and Trigger for Thermal Detection Technology

How is thermal technology applied?

Non-contact temperature measurement technology has the capability to inspect objects non-destructively, contact-free and makes material conditions in deeper layers visible. The contact-free measurement of temperature distributions on objects or in processes constantly informs about the state or location of the target object. Thus, deviations of the production standard can be recognised. In addition to the mobile infrared camera models, Trap and Trigger also embrace various thermography automation solutions for surveying and quality control applications. Our infrared cameras offer ideal thermography software for many application fields, stationary or mobile. The easy change lens structure makes it easy to meet every customer-specific demand.

FLIR – Forward Looking Infrared

The abbreviation FLIR stands for Forward Looking Infrared, which is an imaging infrared process. FLIR cameras are very common on military aircrafts or police helicopters. They are used to spot heat sources, which are then displayed via video output to the operator. FLIR cameras are very different from night-vision devices and conventional infrared cameras, since they only display a certain infrared range.


We are enthusiastic conservationist constantly researching ways to assist the conservation of our ecosystems. Whether it is plant surveying, bats counting in the dead of night, assisting the removal of mammalian pests or monitoring temperatures of endangered species. Thermal vision technology can alter the tipping point for that declining species and can provide essential data to prevent extinction. The options are endless and our vision is broad.

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Thermal Animal Detection System (TADS)

Trap and Trigger has perfected a FLIR design perfect for aerial surveys for detecting animals at any density. Its purpose is to locate animals for removal or determine whether a species has been eradicated from an area.

We use a longwave camera with a 1024 × 768-pixel resolution and multiple -focal-lengths lenses of 30 – 60 and 120mm for various applications. For example, for a low intensity ungulate survey the 30mm lens is used. When flying an ideal distance of 250m above the surface area provides a swath of approximately 145m x 110m. At this altitude, pig’s deer and goats can be easily detected and identified. In optimum conditions, we can survey upward of 10,000 Hectares daily.

Efficiencies of FLIR assisted wildlife management is far greater than what we can achieve on the ground. Having no restrictions to topography and vegetation gives us the upper hand in the battle against pests and as technology evolves we are excited for the future.

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Fire hotspot and prevention

Thermal hot spotting of unwanted fires is known widely to offer the greatest chance of complete extinguish along with the best training resources and the highest level of support available.

We have a variety of handheld thermal imaging cameras for firefighters who need to be more mobile in the heat of the moment or for rescue operations which require crawling through debris after a disaster or hiking through rough terrain. We also provide aerial or marine vessel mountable pan tilt zoom infrared cameras with image stabilization, rugged weatherized housing and integrated CCTV daytime optics for missions that require covering great distances of ground or water in bright, low or no light conditions. Our long wave infrared camera comes in a variety of configurations to fit any budget and feature long range accurate thermal imaging and video, from anywhere, day or night.

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Search and Rescue

In the outdoors, it’s a common occurrence to have a man overboard, a lost tramper or an injured hunter. When the distress call is made, it’s search and rescues job to save them, and the biggest limitation to survival is time. Generally, in addition to time, Aotearoa’s rugged landscape and adverse weather stacks up against them. We wish to increase the success rate of search and rescue operations by providing a military spec thermal detection system either ground or aerially applied. With such large search areas to cover, it is vital that all available tools are taken into consideration so that the search is turned into rescue. At Trap and Trigger, we have invested in a solution sure to save lives. A solution that brings the most powerful vision during night, day and whatever else the environment may uphold. Vision that provides the maximum ability of detection and minimises downtime, because in the search and rescue mission, Lost time can mean lost lives. Whether searching dense forests, open seas or upright mountains Trap and Triggers thermal detection service provides unmatched high definition thermography in real time, producing the clearest picture of your surroundings. Support Trap and Triggers quest to turn search into rescue!

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Maintenance Protection

Thermography is capable of giving vital information for quality assurance purposes. Even smallest temperature deviations can lead to serious quality loss, i.e. in the plastics or automotive industry. By setting up an infrared camera monitoring system, such faults can be recognised, documented and corrected immediately.

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trap and trigger hunting guide, pest control, thermal technologies, animal eradication

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